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Continuously developed and maintained, high level, modern machine and equipment park for execution horizontal directional drillings. 
Our constructors propose environment-friendly and cost effective solutions even in case of the most complicated public utility network building.
Bore masters with great work experience, who are continuously further educated on international trainings. 
Well tested team, able to execute fast and thorough horizontal directional drilling projects. 



Horizontal Directional Drilling (HDD) is a trench less method to install pipes where there are some kinds of barriers which makes the regular pipe laying down hard or not possible.

The method comprises of a three stage process wherein first stage is of drilling a pilot hole on the designed path, second stage is of enlarging the hole by passing a larger cutting tool termed as Reamer the third stage is of placing the product or casing pipe in the enlarged hole. The directional control capabilities assist the rig operator in making necessary changes in the directions of the drilling head. more about...


It is especially beneficial technology in case of pipe line network building under high traffic roads and railways, since no need for closing roads or traffic detour. Crossing rivers, stream almost only the horizontal directional drilling can be taken into consideration, since the depth of crossing the river-bed is determined by the executer with no extra expenses. The execution time and cost are significantly lower than with other technologies. 
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The horizontal directional drilling as alternative crossing method can be taken in count in case of area under high environmental regulations, national parks or area under Natura 2000 reserve. This technology does not disturb the surface ecosystem at all or for only a very slight time. more about ...


In artificial environment, where the surface is covered with high price pavement, it is worth to consider the technique of horizontal directional drilling because of its cost effectiveness, since with this technology the pavement is untouched, no reconstruction is needed.


The modernity and continuous development of our machine park, the qualification and continuous training of our boring masters results in extraordinary effective and thorough working process.

At present we carry out directional drillings with 6 drilling machines, where we are able to accomplish drilling with the length of 15-1000m and the pipe diameter 63-1200mm.  more about...




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